Friday, November 04, 2005

Congratulations Raj!

One of our esteemed beer connoisseurs, Raj, is now a proud father of a little boy. I'll tip one in you honor :) It's a New Holland Brewery Mad Hatter... I'm not fond of pale ales and this one is a India Pale Ale. Good color, looks very appetizing, but quite bitter. I'll be able to finish it, but it will be tough, but I'll do it for you Raj!


Blogger Raj said...


And now that the wife can drink again, I won't feel bad about imbibing in front of her. Now I gotta pull that bottle of bock I have sitting in the back of the fridge out.

8:32 AM  
Blogger TPepper said...

Ok, I lied, I couldn't finish that Mad Hatter, it was total crap! I got down to the last third and fed it to the sink which made a nice gurgling sound, I think it enjoyed it more than I. Perhaps that is where all India Pale Ales should go?

5:53 PM  

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