Sunday, September 11, 2005

New Belgium Blue Paddle

I am currently tasting a New Belgium Blue Paddle Pilsner. They are located in Colorado, I had my first Fat Tire (their amber offering) while living in the south west, delicious. This pilsner started with a good head, maybe a half inch, just right. Nice golden color and a crisp scent. As the brew disappears the foam walks nicely with long legs down the glass. This is a chuggable beer, but sippable as well as some flavor can be found. Definitely bitter, perhaps slightly toasty. The finish is swift and clean with no lingering after taste. This would be a good all-around barbecue beer. A good bet not to offend many palettes. My wife even tried it and said it wasn't bad, she generally hates beer. This better not be a trend, I don't need any refrigerator competition for my beers!

After a bit of persuasion, it sounds like one of the local distributors will be getting a few cases of Fat Tire. I hope to provide a home to at least one of those. While I'm there I will try to locate this Saranac Pumpkin that we've decided to try, it could be too early though.


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