Friday, September 02, 2005

New Holland Ichabod Ale

After Todd and Raj mentioned some pumpkin flavored beer, I went in search of it. I ended up finding pumpking beer from two different brewers at International Beverage on East Paris, just north of 28th street.

Ichabod Ale is New Holland Brewing Company's Fall Seasonal. A very interesting flavor to say the least! It pours a hazy golden brown with little to no head. It smells of nutmeg, maybe a little cinnamon, maybe a little flowery. It almost smells just like pumpkin pie mix in the can.

The flavor is very interesting.... I started this post after only three drinks, but after several more drinks, the flavor has really begun to develop on my palette. It's a thin beer with a slight hoppy bite to it and a hint of bitterness. A very pumpkin aftertaste.

Overall a decent beer, it's well worth a try.


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