Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Night at Grand Rapids Brewing Company

I spent last evening with a dozen or so colleagues celebrating, the venue of choice was the GRBC. The GRBC makes six or seven beer varieties on site and offers a decent food menu as well. The food was definitely not the focus last night. The beer variety covers the full spectrum, from a light offering, a pale ale, an amber, a dark, and even a czech. I tried two, the River City Red and the Lumberman Dark.

River City Red
I'll state again that I'm a sucker for a redhead any day. This is a very red amber. This brew is easy on the pallette and easy to drink but is lacking any outstanding flavors or scents. Compared to other mass produced american ambers I would say this had more flavor than a George Killians but not much more. I would give this redhead a 3.5.

Lumberman Dark
I washed down the aforementioned Red with this dark brown brew. This brown ale had a great presentation, dark full body with half-inch head. Unlike other darks that I have had this ale had a quick finish and didn't interfere with the flavors of the food, I'm giving it a 3.9.


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