Friday, November 23, 2007

Blue Moon Full Moon Winter Ale

So I saw this Blue Moon Seasonal on the shelf at Meijer and decided to try it. The description on the bottle is "Abbey Ale brewed with a hint of dark Belgian Sugar" and "This full-bodied ale is brewed with roasted malts and a hint of Dark Belgian sugar for a perfectly balanced taste.

It pours a deep amber color with quite a bit of head - literally half of my pilsner was head from the pour, but it faded pretty quickly. I'm a little stuffed up right now, so the aroma was difficult to decipher. The only thing I can really smell is yeast.

The taste is a litter bitter and little sweet with a nice balance of the two. Not having the best olfactory function right now, I can't pick out all the flavors, but it tastes good!

It has a thin, crisp mouth feel.

It is a very drinkable beer - perhaps even chuggable.

Overall, a decent seasonal by Blue Moon (Coors). I may purchase again, but there are plenty of other seasonals to try...


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