Wednesday, May 02, 2007

3 down.. 22 to go

So I was taking a look at the Top 25 Domestics list on Men's Journal and decided that I wanted to try some of them (hey, look at me.. excuse to drink!). So I knocked off some low-hanging fruit:
  • 7 Great Lakes Holy Moses White Ale
This one was damn unique. I enjoyed it, but I'll admit it was tough to conquer even one. It was pretty heavy on the spice. The best part of this beer was the pour. I did a slightly turbulent pour which resulted in a funnel cloud in the middle of my glass.. not a temporary one, mind you. I almost didn't want to drink it.. it was too cool. I briefly considered getting another bottle and drinking that while I stared at this one. Not wanting to commit alcohol abuse, though, I did eventually imbibe and enjoy.
  • 14 Great Lakes Burning River Pale Ale
You know my dislike for Pale Ales. This was no different. It sucked. Damn bitter.
  • 2 Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA
I saw this on tap at a bar I went to a couple weeks ago. The only thing I hate worse than Pale Ales are IPAs. The only reason I had the bartender pull one of these was because it was 2 on the MJ list; so I gave it a shot.
It was awesome.
This is one beer I could have several of in a sitting (and would have if I weren't driving home). Very enjoyable. Not bitter.. just a great taste. It definitely merits its spot on the list and would make a proud addition to my fridge (which currently holds 6 different Great Lakes beers.. I'm jumping into this being a Clevelander thing :-) ).
Don't walk.. run to your local beer store and grab a 6-er.

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