Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yuengling Original Black & Tan

T: yeah, you know, as an engineer four they pay me so much freaking money that I have to spend it quickly else there would be a global financial collapse due to my interest alone.
K: uh.....
I must be doing something wrong then
T: sorry, beers talking
I'm having a Yuengling Black and Tan.... claims to be the oldest brewery in america, since 1829
K: eh?
Yuengling? wheresat?
T: penn
pottsville, pa
my dad picked it up on his way back from NJ
K: censored
T: yar
T: yeah... censored
K: if only censored had more of this type of industry......
i don't want to do freaking manufacturing controls
T: or dashboards... oops, wait, JC is shutting down aren't they
K: haha
that just eliminates another place we could go
T: I promise to hire you when I start my brewery... just need to find some money
K: haha
T: maybe we all need to find a sugar momma?
K: i already have one......
T: yeah, but could she fund a brewery?
K: mmmmm, prolly not
T: I doubt that she can even support your habit
K: ha!
T: We need to find us a rich ol' lady, get N to sweeten her up a bit... get some funding
K: haha
he'd be the guy to talk to
T: trolling?
K: hahahahah
hey, you should blog that beer
T: not worthy of a blog, but maybe. it was rather boring
K: yea, but we need to get that back off the ground
T: happy?


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