Thursday, December 29, 2005

Founder's Taproom

In our quest to sample and critique EVERY brew available, we, the b33rm3 crew, braved the Michigan winter and sought out the Founder's Taproom. The Taproom, situated in the old Brassworks building down on Monroe Ave, offers an extensive variety of Founders offerings and a glimpse of the brewery itself through a glass wall.
The atmosphere was typical, hard wood floors, dark, smokey, loud... except for the smoke an excellent atmo for tasting. The food menu was lacking, but sufficient, peanuts and pretzels (or was it nachos?). The beer menu, however, was extensive, offering 12-16 brews. Perhaps 8-10 of the available brews were the standard Founders fair, porter, IPA, strong ale... The remaining brews you will likely never find in a bottle with names like Rubaeus, Bad Habit, and Nitro Maple Stout.
I tried the Breakfast Stout and the Bad Habit. I'll let the other crew members post their findings.

Breakfast Stout
I'm not normally a big stout fan so I was surprise how smoothly this one went down. This heavy stout has hints of coffee and chocolate. I would order it again, but maybe as a second pint instead of the first.

Bad Habit
I really enjoyed the Bad Habit, their version of a Belgium Quadrupel. Very smooth, slightly sweet, and full of flavor. I just wish they'd bottle it :)


Blogger Raj said...

BTW, I went back to the taproom with my brother a couple days ago. We got the nitro maple stuff that was spitting during the original visit. It was complete crap. There was no beer taste, whatsoever. It just tasted like non-viscous maple syrup. I almost had to hold my nose to down all of it. I dont know what Kris was thinking when he liked that sample. Sure, it's probably almost as good as his favorite Wild Blue crap, but boy did it suck.

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