Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cask Ale?

Ok.. so I'm still a relative n00b when it comes to enjoying good beer. I was reading my latest issue of Beer Advocate and happened upon an interview with a gentleman who promotes to consumption of cask ale in America (New York specifically). My first thought (besides "mmm.. beer") was "WTF is cask ale?" So I went to the website of CAMRA, the big group behind promotion of "real ale" as they call it. Not a great source of background information at a brief glance. So I then went where I should have to start with: Wikipedia. Here's a great article on cask ale just in case you were curious.

Also, just got a 4-pack of Great Lakes Nosferatu. It's a *deep* red beer (hence its name). Very hoppy, but at the same time it wasn't a hop assault on the tastebuds that I find most IPAs to be. I'm glad I tried it (but I'd say that about most Great Lakes beers). If it makes its way towards GR, it'd be worth picking up a 4.



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