Sunday, August 26, 2007

More Beer

Hard Tail Ale, Brewed by King Brewing Co., in Pontiac, Mi. - This is an OK pale ale with a a little malt flavor to counter the hoppy bitterness. This IPA ranks near the lower end of IPAs that I have had from Michigan. Actually, I am pretty sure I could brew a better IPA than this one.

Harvest Moon, by BMBC, Toronto, Ontario - The spices in this beer give it some nice flavor and they aren't overpowering. It is also has a very smooth finish similar to the regular Blue Moon. This beer would be a great compliment to most dinners.

Summer Bright Ale, by Breckenridge Brewery - Very good summer. Did not have a lot of the added spices like other summer ales, but had a nice balanced flavor. It had a nice malt flavor, similar to Sam Adams Summer Ale, but it did not have the spices to over-power the balanced beer flavor.

Sweaty Betty, by Boulder Beer Company - Not as fun as the last Betty I had, but at least I didn't have to listen to this Betty complain that I wasn't spending enough "quality" time with her. Very simple summer wheat ale with not a lot of malt or spice flavor. This would be a nice beer for those hot summer days.


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