Saturday, June 11, 2005

Something from the Road

Today I'm posting from the Cherry Tree Inn in Traverse City Michigan. We are on one of our annual northward migrations. Whenever I'm up here I make sure to stop at The Bayside Market on Front Street. They have an excellent selection of beer and wine and will steam crab and shrimp for you while you shop. Today I decided to try something a little different from my normal selection. I purchased a pint of Wycwood Hobgoblin. It was yummy. I drank it warm as it is an English Ale and I couldn't bring myself to refridgerate it. Definitely not a chugging Ale, this full bodied amber was very flavorful. The label proclaimed hints of chocolate and toffee, I didn't get the chocolate, but I did taste a bit of a sweetness and perhaps a little fruitiness. It washed down the king crab and shrimp nicely.


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