Thursday, June 09, 2005


Today I split a bottle of Ommegang Abbey Ale with my father and father in law, figure that way we could get three opinions in one post. As I poured I noted that hit had a great red hue and carried a lasting head. In my opinion it was not as sweet as many other other Abbeys that I have tried, but then again this was not a double or triple abbey, just a simple Belgian Abbey. Overal very tasty, with many "hidden" flavors. My fathers thought it had a very full pallete, was not overly sweet as we had all expected, and gave it a thumbs up. My father in law simply asked "Where's the rest?" as we each only got about 5oz in our cups. He looked a bit disapointed when I told him we'd split the only bottle, he grumbled a bit more and proclaimed that I now "owed him one". I'll take that as a fairly good response to the beer. It is a bit on the pricey side however.


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